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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Lazy Affiliates?

Have you ever signed up to an affiliate page, and been given access to a range of promotional tools?

Well these tools are the deciding factor that makes an affiliate program stand above the rest.

And Matt Haslem has created some software that automatically generates the pages for you, so you can help your affiliates out.

It costs NOTHING.
Only when the creator, Matt Haslem has enough testimonials, then he'll start charging to download it...

Here's the thankyou page:

By providing your affiliates with the tools to succeed, your sales can grow exponentially.

Monday, May 19, 2008

CashBlaster Pro Web 2.0 “Product Explained”

CashBlaster Pro Web 2.0 “Product Explained”
How it works

Web 2.0 sites like MySpace, youTube, Friendster and Facebook are becoming extremely popular with literally hundreds of millions of users pushing this trend called “Social Networking” forward.

The only problem is, only a handful of sites actually host these “interactive technologies”.

The new CashBlaster Pro Web 2.0 product will install a small utility on your browser that allows you to interact with users on EVERY site on the Internet!

For example, let’s say that you found a great little-known hobby or resource site that you couldn’t live without.

With this utility, simply click on the utility in your browser to start a blog, leave a comment, share with friends, connect with others on the site and/or rate your experience with this site! And you can do this with EVERY site on the web!

Think of the utility as a fully interactive Blog where you can post, comment, rate, upload, chat, contact, interact and more - with every website!

All of the features found in most “Social networking” communities are now available on every website on the Internet and fully accessible to you simply by installing the BuzzBot on your favourite browser!

Further, we respect your privacy and will not SPAM or share your private user account details with ANYONE for any reason.

The utility is certified Spyware free, Adware free, and Virus Free!

If this makes sense to you and you can see the power of what they are trying to achieve, you’ll see that it makes sense to sign up for free today and get a lot of people to use this for when it launches.

The utility will be free for people to use, so the free users will always be happy..

Now I just gotta work out how to explain the paid system.. will do that shortly and post to my Cash Blaster Pro blog soon, so feel free to head on over and bookmark it :)

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